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MUTMA dadalandia
MUTMA turned into MUATM , resignifying our classics, dadalandia proposes us the balance between contrasts, to create a new vision of what is already established
MUTMA siluetas
siluetas ss 2018: the first formal collection of clothing inspired by human shapes and forms. photo:sabrina srur, mu&h: amapola vera, models: melisa, agustina & rossana, art: diego prestes for atolón de mororoa.
MUTMA magic
a bit of sorcery, some gothic darkness. our winter starts now! photo: bruno imanol nogueira mu&h: amapola vera she: julia cardoso art: diego prestes for atolón de mororoa
MUTMA australia
foto: sabrina srur 35mm: agustina pereira estilismo: alexia berthelemy beauty: amapola vera she: paula minetti for valentino bookings art: marina fernandez graphics: diego prestes #nophotoshop
MUTMA ocular
a/w 2016 campaign // what would your eyes see, if they could look inside you?
MUTMA novelty
MUTMA embraces the summer breeze.
MUTMA onírico
MUTMA nativo.
un MUTMA nativo habita el territorio pero entiende que no le pertenece. es local en su mundo, y lleva a su mundo con él. es el que marca el camino, deja la huella innata, la presencia original. bienvenidos al verano MUTMA 2015. ph. bruno nogueira make up. amapola vera arte. MUTMA modelo. caro garzón para montevideo models management
MUTMA the roaring MUTMA fauna.
it's the roaring MUTMA fauna.
MUTMA stripped
stripped MUTMA. MUTMA strips off and deprives itself from excess. it wanders about carrying only what’s necessary, the basic essentials: the skeleton and structure, the body and substance that walk in MUTMA. a primitive, rustic world in where matter and physics make the core of its essence. the architectural, structural and linear face of nature. each and every one of our bones, ischium, hamate, sacrum, ulna, conform the backbone and mainstay of this structure. make yourself welcome to a stripped summer joy. it’s summer in MUTMA. photo, styling: studio and furniture: Menini Nicola | Diseño de Muebles the star: @katharina kaminski together with @ruta visual.
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