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MUTMA the beginning.
MUTMA emerges out of the hunt for creation. we are a group of people that started as a visual producer and went gradually expanding into the creative field as a result of the new social demands and to our own personal interests. at the end of 2011, we included foot MUTMA. at present, MUTMA has become a society, people whose love for creation and fashion is devoted to imposing their aesthetic view into society.
MUTMA our brand.
we aim to develop products that stand by our commitment to quality and design. we are interested in satisfying demanding customers: existing and potential clients who demand excellence in materials and outstanding product design. we seek to create an exclusive brand, creator of wish & star objects yet, offering inclusive products within the reach of our restless customers. we see ourselves as a sound and ever-lasting company that aims to set foot on international markets, strongly committed to providing maximum satisfaction to all members of the MUTMA universe.
MUTMA product.
each MUTMA item is unique, a one of a kind premium product, easy to spot at a single glance. each pair of shoes comes along with a specific custom-made packaging which matches each season’s style and one which cant be set apart of. MUTMA does not vary according to place; both quality and layout persist to be equal at all sales points, being this, our mission statement.
MUTMA materials and work force.
given that uruguay is world leader in livestock farming, there is a wide variety of premium leather production. each piece of leather undergoes a careful selection process in where the best features are mostly considered. we outsource the leatherwork of dyeing and embossment to the best-in-class tanneries thus, enhancing the qualities of leather: durability, resistance and pliability. we work hand in hand with leather workshops in montevideo which have long expertise in the area of footwear. the result, top quality products within a fair, MUTMA has set foot on international markets, a fact that has led us to search for new labour force for supplying this promising and challenging new market. some of our products are manufactured in india, a country which is famous for preserving the essence of craftwork and the treatment of noble materials
MUTMA colaboracions.
we have a sponge-like manner of believing and playing high stakes in the art and richness of multidisciplinary work. we are flexible and welcome all different views towards our objects of desire.
MUTMA projects.
  • photography:
tailandia. collective art
campaign ¨may you have a merry XMUTMA” photography by women:
tali kimelman, araí moreli, marina fernández,
paulette gogo, camila gonzález jettar.
  • visual arts:
atolón de mororoa. graphic design & further collaboration.
uruguayan fine artists. artistic intervention campaign:
federico molinari, gustavo tabares, felipe secco.
  • collaboration with other brands and institutions.
k. bardot.
black&liberty. campaigns & lookbooks.
pablo giménez. integra.
moweek. video.
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